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Couturebengals DolceVida

DOB-June 28, 2023

Sire-Lari-Shaki Maurice

Dam-Opmbengals Mysterious

Vida is one of our future queens of 2024. She has a gorgeous Silver Snow Lynx rosetted coat. Mom was a beautiful black smoke bengal. 

We are very excited about her traits and what she can add to our cattery. She has a gorgeous white coat with lighter rosettes and those beautiful blue eyes are hard not to love. She has a great profile with puffy whisker pads. Amazingly confident and not afraid of anything, except the vacuum cleaner. We are very proud of Vida being a part of Bengal Born and we are going to expect her first litter late 2024!


HCM Tested- Pending 1 year old

Pkd and Prab- Neg

FelV and FIV Neg

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