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Mistero d'Coda Halsey 'Inaya' of Bengalborn

DOB-April 11, 2022

Sire-Mistero d'Coda Malboro

Dam-Vatori Daineris

Inaya is our stunning early generation bengal. She is an F1, meaning one of her parents (her father in her case) is an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). All of our Bengals have a long line leading back to the ALC. Many of the traits we want to maintain as we move down in generations are characteristics of the ALC, just with a domestic cats temperment.

We are so blessed to have Inaya in our family because I know she will pass those beautiful traits of hers unto her kittens (G2) and hopefully so forth.

HCM Tested- N/N

PKD and PRAb- Neg

FelV and FIV Neg

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