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Uniqueprints Goldenboy 'Romeo' of Bengalborn

DOB-December 17, 2022

Sire-Bengamur Parker

Dam-Uniqueprints Lumi

Romeo is a beautiful Seal Mink Spotted Bengal. Mink Bengals, to me, have always been a favorite color of mine. Seal mink is a combination of Seal Lynx and Seal Sepia (a copy of each color gene). They have a beautiful elegant Ivory, light tan coat.

Romeo is going to bring to our program gorgeous Seal Mink kittens. We love his profile and rounded ears. His coat is so luxuriously soft. His temperment is also so sweet and lovable. 

HCM Tested- ProBNP negative

PKD and PRAb- Neg

FelV and FIV Neg

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