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Bengalborn Jewel

DOB-March 13, 2023

Sire-Couturebengals Taj

Dam-Savannahsmexico Cza

Jewel is one of our future queens of 2024. Her mom Czarina will be retiring and she will be taking reign for our future brown rosetted Bengals.

We are very pleased with Jewels traits. She has an amazing contrasted coat that is shimmering with glitter and so luxurious. She does not have any rib bars which is something that can be difficult to remove from lines. She has a great profile with rounded ears and puffy whisker pads. We also love her white underbelly coat, a trait going back to their ancestors, the Asian Leopard Cats. We are very proud of Jewel being born in our Cattery.


HCM Tested- N/N

Pkd and Prab- Neg

FelV and FIV Neg

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