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Planned Breeding

We do our very best to select the best Bengals for our program to produce the best kittens possible. Our goal is always to breed as close to and at best to the standard of the Bengal breed. We will choose our pairings to potentially pass along the best traits over to their kittens. We do not know how many kittens we get within our litters (for example: we may have as little as 2 kittens or even a singleton) but that is why we have a waitlist to ensure priority to those who are certain about one of our kittens.


Below is our planned litters for 2022 and up until Spring or Summer 2023

**NOTE: We never guarantee what the kittens will look like or how many will be born but we hope and base our assumptions off of prior litters and parents genetics/traits.

Marley & Sparrow
Planned for Summer 2023

Expecting Brown Rosetted Kittens

Marley & Inaya
Planned for Summer/Fall 2023


Expecting Brown Rosetted G2 (F2) Kittens

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