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Lari-Shaki Maurice 'Illusion' of Bengalborn

DOB-November 30, 2020

Sire-Mango Visavi Aristokrat

Dam-Bennvoyagee Walilisa

Illusion is a Melanistic Bengal. This means he carries two copies of the 'a' allele (one from each parent). While black/melanistic is not currently recognized by TICA, they are highly sought after for their unique ghost-like appearance. Similar to a black panther.

Illusion is a very sweet laid back boy. He's pretty large in stature, weighting about 15lbs. With Illusion, our goal is to insert ourselves more into the world of melanistic Bengals as well as always improving the breeds health and standards.

HCM Tested- N/N

PKD and PRAb- Neg

FelV and FIV Neg

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